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Best refrigerator under 15000 in India

Looking for a refrigerator with all the features you need for your kitchen? Which refrigerator is best for you will depend on a number of factors. Best can pertain to cost, performance or style and function. For the sake of the list, there’s at least one for every category. Additionally, there are also inexpensive refrigerators in the list.

There are cheap refrigerators that need to upgrade because they’re old or they don’t have good quality components. There’s also an inexpensive refrigerator with bad performance or no style. And then there’s the refrigerators, which are just as efficient as industrial ones but just as big. One category that is missing from most reviews however is the refrigerator with both ice and a milk dispenser. Such a refrigerator is called a milk whirlpool and has been designed exclusively to be able to do that.

Refrigerator with freezer and fridge

In this category are refrigerator with freezer and fridge. Have a capacity of around the same number of cubic feet. The cubic feet price tag of freezer refrigerators is lower than the refrigerator with a freezer. But the cubic feet of fridge may well be cheaper. It has fewer components than the freezer. However, bear in mind that most appliance reviews do not give a clear ranking to refrigerator prices; rather, they rank refrigerator types.

Star system

Another important consideration is energy efficiency. The easiest way to find out energy efficient particular products are is to check out the Energy Star label. Now, this doesn’t always refer to price tags as the ones on the sticker are only indicative. How efficient the product is in terms of the amount of electricity consumed by the appliance. To get a more accurate figure, you should contact your local state department of energy. Which refrigerator is best for you, the 3-star system below is useful in determining the type that is best.


Usually, built-in refrigerators have a thermostat built into them and then also have a compressor built in. For the freezer portion, you will have to specify which part of the refrigerator is built-in. Built-in refrigerators with the freezer built in come with a lower price tag. Because the compressor can usually take care of the extra electricity needed for the freezer. This means that a freezer refrigerator will have an advantage. But it may not necessarily be the best for your needs. For those who plan to use the refrigerator regularly. Therefore will have lots of uses for it, an in built fridge is the best option.

Remember, your refrigerator does not necessarily have to be new if you want to find out which refrigerators are best for you. It pays to consult local state departments of energy for assistance on how energy efficient your refrigerator is. Your refrigerator’s age will greatly determine its efficiency and thus how much money it is going to cost you in the long run. Older refrigerators can have compressor problems that will be more of a problem than regular refrigerators and these will need to be repaired immediately or you may find yourself in a situation where you need to replace the whole refrigerator.

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