Top 5 desert Air Cooler in India

You have probably seen many air conditioning units in the mall, at the beach, and even at some campsites. There is one thing you might not know about most units though. They are just air, which is pumped to a room through a duct system and some people call them “desert air coolers.” But what is Desert Air Cooler? In this article I will answer that question.

Primary feature

The primary feature of any cooling appliance is its size. If you actually look at it from the outside, it appears to be a tall cylinder-like tower. It’s designed for mounting 24″ cooling units or radiators. Now, let’s get down to business and find out what makes this the best air cooler.

The primary reason for the size of these personal cooling devices is because they pack a major punch. A lot of energy goes into making their fans work and cooling off the occupants of a room. These fans need a good stream of air in order to work properly, so they need to be strategically located throughout a home or cabin. The best air cooler units allow you to actually mount them on walls. Now you must admit that’s a smart idea.

Wood or metal body

Another reason these items work so well is because they often come with a wood or metal body. Aluminum cooling pads and wood wool cooling pads are typically used for outdoor cooling. Wood wool works great in colder climates because it absorbs moisture, keeping the interior of your unit dry. Honeycomb cooling pads are very efficient in lower temperatures. They draw in warm, humid air, thus drying out the interior of your unit.

Now you’re probably wondering what each of these pads actually do. Desert air cooler pads cool by drawing in cool air from above. Metal and wooden pads work by drawing in hot air from below. These personal air coolers are ideal for camping trips and longer road trips.

Finally, one of the most popular items in this market is the “pocket” personal air coolers. These units are great for taking along on trips to friends houses without having to lug around an entire air conditioning unit. Simply place the small one inside, turn on the fan and kick back while you chill off. In case you were worried that it wouldn’t have enough room for your friends and family, rest assured these little guys will fit fine. All you do is kick the cooler on and it will suck up as much cool air from above as it can.

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