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Vu smart TV is one of the brands that have received a lot of attention in the TV market. The brand has just released a brand new range of Cinema smart TV. There’s also a 32-inch smart TV, that’ll cost Rs 12,991. Both these televisions ship with built in Chrome cast and support for Apple Air-Play. The prices are yet to be announced but we’ll find out soon enough.

Vu smart TV Logo

There’s no doubt that these are among the latest TVs to hit the market. And given the price and the specification, it’s not surprising to see such a big demand for them. The brand has basically kept the same design, same look, the same style and the same quality for other models. This is mainly because they are the first of their kind. And the first range of VU smart TVs that are truly smart. Not only do they have high quality picture and sound,. But, they are powered by a quad core A7 processor, optical zoom and night vision.

Advantages Vu Smart TV

One of the biggest advantages of these TVs compared to the other brands is that they don’t use the traditional method of opening the box and plugging the box into the TV. Instead, the VU smart tv opens itself up to the television. there’s no need for an extra box or remote. The other big advantage is probably the price. Especially, when you consider that the price of the original LG smart tv is almost double that of the Vu smart tv. This is probably the reason why manufacturers are looking out for a new design. And new technology to replace the old one.

Let’s talk about the technology inside the TV. Basically, the VU smart tv is not like most televisions at all. It’s much bigger, has a wider screen size and offers many more features. In fact, there are so many things packed in the TV that you might think that it’s impossible to tell what is inside. But you don’t have to be confused. The manufacturers have done a very good job in making sure. That you can understand everything that is on the screen.

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You will also find that these TVs are much more advanced than other smart TVs. For example, they have an advanced digital signal processor that helps improve picture quality. There is a built in memory that stores all your favorite movies and shows. It also comes with thousands of channels, which can be watched easily using an internet browser. Another great thing about the Vu TV is that it works perfectly with Windows Vista. It is also HD ready.

It doesn’t take long before you will see the great advantages that you can get from a Vu TV. And since it’s becoming a popular choice amongst buyers, it’s expected to be increasing in popularity in the future, thus bringing down the Vu smart TV price. Also, the prices of the new models should be much lower compared to the original versions. In order to take advantage of all these advantages, you should look for deals online, as there are many websites out there that provide discounts on the new models of Vu smart TV.

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