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People have been trying for years to come up with a way to purify water and how to reduce TDS. If you’re like me you’ll be glad to know that the quest is finally over and we now know what causes TDS. The only thing left to do is choose the best water purifier available on the market for your needs.

TDS is the ‘LDs’, or dissolved solids content, of water. This is measured in parts per million, and the lower the number, the healthier the water. So, if you want to know how to reduce TDS of water then it’s important to know what the levels are where you live. Fortunately, there are several methods to check this, and I’ll tell you how to use them.

Cheapest way to purify water

The simplest way is with a home water kit. I use one of these every day at home, and it works great. All you need to do is drop a sample of your water into the kit, add some potassium sorbate (the cheapest way to purify water), a small amount of lime juice, and some other things depending on the kit. After you do this, you just leave it in the fridge overnight and then test it the next morning.

Another method is by using a few drops of your own blood, which is known as your salt level. If you feel thirsty, and you should, then you have a low salt content in your blood. You can test this by dropping a drop of blood into a jar of water. If the blood floats, then your blood has too much salt. To fix this, you just need to add more salt to the water, or purchase a blood sample kit. So, is how to reduce TDS of water by doing something as simple as adding salt to the water.

Best water purifier

The best water purifier that is suited for most homes is the Brita water filtration system. It is one of the most advanced systems available. And uses carbon filtration, ion exchange and sub micron filtering to remove the contaminants from the water.

How to reduce the levels of TDS of water in your body is not that difficult. But you will need to know how to get rid of the pollutants from the tap water first, before you can reduce the levels of TDS of water in your body. In the mean time, there are other options that are less expensive, but still effective. One such option is reverse osmosis. This is costly but effective, especially if you live in a remote area where clean water is not readily available. You can learn more about the water purification options, and their various levels of TDS reduction, by visiting my website.

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