Have you ever wondered how to connect gas pipe to the stove in India?

You are not alone as there are several million people all around the world who have similar queries. If you are planning to buy a stove then there are some points that you should be aware of before you make the purchase. One of the things that you must check while making the purchase is the type of fuel used to run the stove. The fuel used will determine the size and the capacity of the gas regulator knob that you will need to connect your gas pipe to the stove.

Types of regulators to Connect gas pipe

There are basically three types of regulators in the market: Natural gas, Bioretentionary and Castor oil. If you have purchased a new gas stove then the model number should be on the cylinder and it may also say so on the package. Check carefully to ensure that the cylinder is compatible with your stove. Once you find out how to connect gas pipe to the stove then you should proceed further.

Connecting the gas cylinder to the stove is relatively simple as there are mainly two methods. In one method called “loosening” the gas cylinder is disconnected from the rest of the system using a wrench. You just need to unscrew the end of the cylinder, remove the wick and replace on the stove burner.

Bolting method

Another method called “bolting” is very similar to the loosening method mentioned above. In this method the cylinder is securely held in place by a few bolts and the wick is replaced on the flame of the new gas pipe. However, the disadvantage of this method is that you cannot adjust the temperature of the flame. If the flame temperature fluctuates then you may not be able to adjust it easily.

The third and final way of connecting a gas pipe to the stove is called “supply and return”. This is the safest method but the most difficult to learn how to do. In this method, the gas cylinder is securely held in place using the flame supply and the wick is replaced on the burner. The valve for the supply of the gas is also adjusted according to the burner capacity.

Once the adjustment is done, you just need to close the valve and turn the gas cylinder on. The burner will automatically ignite. So now you know how to connect gas pipe to the stove. This article has given you all the information about the subject.

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