to connect bluetooth speaker to laptop

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to laptop is the question of most people. They have seen laptops equipped with Bluetooth and wondered how to do it. The answer to this problem is quite easy. You will not only have the convenience of connecting your Bluetooth speaker. But, also you will also be able to transfer files and transfer music. Between your laptop and your Bluetooth enabled speakers.

Pair a Bluetooth device

Before you can actually pair a Bluetooth device to your laptop first you must establish the necessary connection. To do that, you must disconnect all other devices from your laptop. They are also connected with your Bluetooth device. Then, press (and hold) both the Pair/Disconnect buttons on your Bluetooth device. Some devices have a single pairing button, while others have a single disconnect button. You will need to go to the device’s settings, find the Bluetooth device. Make sure that your laptop’s Bluetooth is activated and discoverable, and pair your device.

Detected by your laptop system

If your Bluetooth devices are not already paired when you start the pairing process. Check whether they are detected by your system. If they are not detected, go to the settings and change their pairing from the on-screen instructions. Once this is done, your laptop and your Bluetooth speaker should now be paired. Now how to connect Bluetooth speaker to laptop is pretty much easy.

If your speaker device is already paired, the next step is to install the Bluetooth driver on your windows computer. Sometimes there may need to be specific drivers downloaded since some devices do not have the drivers installed yet. It usually happens with older hardware usb drivers. But if this is the case, you can follow the steps for updating drivers below. And once you have updated the drivers, it is time to test your connection.

If Speakers Not working

If your Bluetooth speakers seem to not work, or they detect but you can’t see them. It could either be a problem in your Bluetooth setup. Or It could be due to another wireless device like your mobile phone. It could also be due to software issues or connection failure. If your speakers discoverable but the laptop cannot see them, it could either be a problem in your Bluetooth setup or it could be due to other wireless devices like your mobile phones

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to laptop also depends on whether your speaker can double as a microphone or not. Usually, a microphone in your speaker does not double as a headset. If it can, then go for a headset or if it cannot, a microphone will do. But if you are connecting your speaker as a microphone for a Bluetooth headset, make sure that you turn of the auto discovery option in your Bluetooth settings so that the other devices will discover your speaker before turning on your laptop. And make sure also to adjust the volume before using your speaker for your laptop.

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