How to clean gas stove is often a question among cooks. Cooking with gas stoves can be a very dangerous activity due to the flammable gases that are present. It is always advisable to take extra precautions while dealing with this type of stoves. There are many ways of cleaning stoves. The best way to do it is to follow the guidelines laid down by the manufacturer. Here is a quick step by step guide to have your gas stove looking as good as new.

Before attempting to deep clean your gas stove, ensure that the surface has thoroughly cooled. It is advisable to shut the gas valve . You will be removing the burners, grates and accessories. Next, remove all the parts from the stove, especially the ones attached to the burner tank.

How to clean a gas stovetop?

Once all the parts have been removed, it is important to make sure that the stovetop is completely free from any particles. If they have accumulated for a long time, they may clog up the drainage system and prevent any water or air from getting through to the burner and down to the burner shaft. This will cause them to overheat and eventually malfunction. Similarly, grease and food particles that have been stuck to the walls of the stove can also affect the operation of the device and should be removed before you start cleaning.

The basic step in clean a gas stove top grates is to make sure that they are totally free from food particles and grease. This can be done by either using a wire coat hanger or a brush with soft bristles. In case of wire hangers, it is important to check that they are made from non-magnetic materials as these can attract food particles and grease more easily. When choosing brushes, it is best to choose those with soft, wide bristles .This will allow for maximum cleaning efficiency. Buy a different scrubbing pads as you will be using them in different stages of the cooking process.

Particles Like excess oil or grease

Once you have successfully removed all the particles. It is advisable to wipe off the excess oil or grease with a damp cloth on the stove top. Once you have completed the aforementioned steps. It is important to wipe off all traces of oil and grease . And You do not want them to seep into the interior parts of the appliance.

Another effective method of cleaning is through the use of steel wool or other soft cloth. If you wish to purchase a steel wool or soft cloth. It is best if you opt to purchase something that is specifically made for stovetop cleaning. Ensure that it is not only soft and convenient to use but will not damage your stovetop or other utensils. Before using such a soft cloth, make sure that it is damp and clean as to avoid scratching the stovetops.

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