It’s time to know how to clean air cooler or air conditioning units. There are plenty of tips available on the internet. You need to make sure you follow all the safety guidelines. The best air cooler unit is a product that last longer, saves energy, cleans without the use of chemicals. When you learn how to clean air-conditioning units, the maintenance is much easier. Here are some tips:

Clean your air cooler

To properly clean air cooler, you need to first take the plastic bag from the air filter. And place it in your washing machine. Use the gentle cycle or the cold water basin method. Take the evaporate air filter pads off of the air filter and hose them down to the bottom of your water basin. Once they are all gone, put them in the washing machine.

In order for your evaporative air conditioners to work properly, there are a set of metal clips in the back. You should remove these clips once you’ve taken out the filters and replaced the evaporative cooler pads. This will prevent dirt and debris from getting stuck in the metal clips.

Pieces of dirt

There are any small or large pieces of dirt in the drain lines or clogging them. This will cause the cold air conditioning system not to work properly or efficiently. To clean the drain lines of your air cooler. You need to first open the drain valve for excess water flow. Then, use a wet rag or rags to scrub the drain line with an antibacterial soap. After this step is done, pour some warm water on the drain line. This will help flush out all the clogging materials in your air conditioner. Once you are sure that the water is no longer in there, close the drain valve for now.

Wooden deck or other covered structure

If your air conditioning has been installed into a wooden deck or other covered structure, you will have to clean the wooden parts thoroughly first before installing your air filter. This is because mold and mildew can grow on wooden parts especially if it’s damp or there are large amounts of leaves in the air. You can use soapy water to clean the exterior surfaces of your cold air cooler first. Use a long brush or a vacuum cleaner to clean the inside parts of your air filter. The interior parts will then be ready for installation of your new evaporative cooler.

Finally, if you find that you need to replace your evaporative air conditioner filter pads, then get a new pair from the manufacturer instead of shopping from a local store. The local stores are likely to sell out since there are usually limited numbers available. Instead of wasting money on the wrong replacement filter pads, get a new one from the factory

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