Understanding How Air Purifiers works is vital in order to find the best one for your home or office. Air purifier is a unit which is used to reduce Pollution in Air. And eliminate all allergens and pollutants present in the air. It usually operates by trapping these contaminants in its filter. And reducing or eliminating the chances of anyone experiencing allergy symptoms or breathing difficulties. There are actually two types of filters used in air purifiers, an electrostatic pre-filter and ionic pre-filter.

Electrostatic Filter (ESF)

The Electrostatic Filter (ESF) is the most commonly used type of filter in an air cleaner. However it tends to be quite expensive when compared to other types of filters such as the Ionic Air Purifier. This type of filter has a coil on its outer surface which attracts negatively charged particles. Like dust, pollen, smoke, mold and other allergens. When these particles come into physical contact with the coil, they become trapped inside the coil and eventually get filtered out of the air. This is why many claim that an ESD filter is the best air purifier.

Ionic pre-filter

The second type of filter which is widely used in air purifiers is the Ionic Air Purifiers. These use the reaction between positive and negative ions in the air to neutralize each other. Once this process happens, the particles that were previously trapped in the coil would be eliminated from the air. This is why many consider these the best air purifiers for dust.

HEPA filters

HEPA Air Purifiers is probably the most efficient when it comes to getting rid of dust from the air. Since the HEPA filters can capture multiple particles at once, it ensures that all of them are getting cleaned up. Even if one particle manages to escape from the filter, there would still be thousands of other particles waiting to get caught. As a result, it is considered as one of the best air purifier for dust.

Indoor air purifiers

Indoor air purifiers are also available in a wide variety. These usually use Freon to trap the odors and pollutants inside the home. However, many claim that even though the Freon can effectively remove the smell from the air. It is also capable of releasing a foul odor indoors. This is often caused by the coils of the Indoor Air Purifiers being covered with dirt and dust. As a result, a better solution is often needed for removing the odors, and that is where the Outdoor Air Purifiers enters the scene.

Outdoor air purifiers

Outdoor air purifiers have the same principle as the indoor ones. It means that the filtration of dust and dirt inside the device is done using the same method. However, an Outdoor Air Purifier is more effective than its indoor counterparts when it comes to getting rid of air impurities. This is achieved because the outdoor model does not use the same filtration system as the indoor ones. Instead, the air cleaner uses a charcoal based pre-filter, which is placed on top of the main filter. This pre-filter effectively absorbs and neutralizes odors in the air. As well as any impurities that may be present in the dust or dirt from the air filter.

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