What is a filterless chimney system?

A conventional chimney system has a filter to remove smoke and carbon dioxide from the combustion of wood or oil. The filterless system does not need a filter. Traditional chimney systems require filters to be cleaned and removed often. But modern filterless chimney systems do no have filters that means they are very easy to maintain and clean. There are two technologies available in a filterless chimney system.

I-Tech technology

i-Tech technology is used on many filterless chimney systems. It uses an electronic pulse and microprocessor to clean the air. With this technology the flow of air is changed by the microprocessor. Then it is cleaned by the electronic pulse. The electronic pulse will ensure that the air is clean.

Auto clean technologies

Auto clean technologies are used on older filterless chimney systems. This type of technology requires that there is an obstruction in the chimney before the air cleaner can be activated. Therefore, it requires that the air is obstructed first. The use of this type of technology is also limited to chimney liners and blowers. Newer technologies such as stainless steel baffle and scrubbers will allow you to clean the air inside your home.

If you are in India and looking for a filterless chimney, then there are a few options. In the North, there are companies that make their own filterless chimney in India and sell them through the internet. Many of the companies that sell their products online in India. It will do so only after testing and monitoring the product in their lab. They will then export the finished product once the testing is complete. This will help to save money. But purchase one from a well-known manufacturer and then have it tested personally.

Local company

In the South, you might find that your local company does not stock the filterless chimney filter that you require. If this is the case, then you might consider purchasing your own locally made filters. These filters are often less expensive than those that are imported. They will still need to be regularly serviced and maintained though. So you will have to keep checking on their condition to see if they work as expected. Maintenance cost will depend on how regularly and how vigorously you want to maintain the unit.

Regardless of which option you choose, you will likely find that your existing chimney system is in good shape. In fact, most of these filterless technology units have been designed to be 100 percent safe for use. you currently do use gas, then you may want to have a professional check your chimney for other issues. The use of carbon monoxide is becoming more prevalent across the country, and there are many different products available to combat this problem. Your chosen appliance will likely have the specific capabilities that are needed to meet the needs of your home.

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