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Philips Features

Philips spa8140b/94 4.1 Channel multimedia speaker system

Multimedia speakers

Color: black

Sensitivity 84 dB, Satellite : W170 * H105* D90 mm, Subwoofer : W170 * H330 * D300 mm

Cable length: 1.3m ; Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz, Output power: 50 W, Power: 230V, 50 Hz, Signal/Noise ratio: > 60 dB ; Input sensitivity: 550 mV ; Impedance: 4 ohm ; Included Items: Remote control, User Manual, Warranty Card, 2 RCA to stereo-1 no. cable

Other Full Information

Philips, the pioneer in audio-visual appliances has introduced the new Philips 4.1 Home Theatre System. A complete home theatre solution for all your entertainment needs at an affordable price. The new Philips theater speaker system from Philips is not only cheaper than other similar brands. It is also packed with features that give you the best home theatre experience. This brand offers great quality home theatre speakers and component amplifiers, cable, digital audio interface, optical audio interface and optical audio input and output. It is equipped with a multi-zone drive and offers convenience of having different zone controls. The most important feature that is unique in this brand is its LCD display that guides you throughout the process of connecting and enjoying the entertainment.


Philips Home Theatre Speakers are known to deliver clear and crisp sound in each speaker in the system, thereby making the speaker system as a preferred choice of many users. A great innovation is the inclusion of a subwoofer in each zone. The woofer produces a strong bass and is positioned at the rear of the speaker. The surround speaker is placed at the front and operates as a speaker that is unitary, so it does not require installation of individual speakers. You can enjoy the theater effects without bothering about positioning of the speakers.

The Philips amp system delivers high quality audio and is a reliable product. For a perfect sound, it uses the latest high-power digitally controlled signal processing chip. The signal processing chip optimizes the signal transfer function and delivers clear and precise bass. Another feature of Philips that makes the home theatre system a good one is that it uses THX qualified amplifier that offers the highest sound quality with low distortion.

Value for your money product

In addition, the Philips sound system provides you the best value for your money. It makes Cheap and best home theatre system in India. Its speakers are durable and produce good sound at an affordable price. The cabinet is made from good and long lasting materials that also offer good sound. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the durability of the speakers as well as the performance of the sound system in your home.

The latest technology of the Philips has added another dimension to the home theatre systems. In addition, you can connect all your home theatre accessories to this receiver to get the best performance. You can use other wireless devices such as the internet cable or satellite connection to enjoy the home theatre system from any place in your home. Thus, you can entertain yourself and your family members in the best possible way with the help of your Philips.

Philips stands behind its products. It conducts an extensive research and development process in order to deliver the best product to its customers. Therefore, the products of Philips are superior in quality and range in prices. This receiver system gives a great sound and makes your home entertainment system a real treasure. Therefore, you should consider purchasing this product for your home today.

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