CCTV meaning is Closed Circuit Television. It’s a portable video surveillance gear for a given area. Because it transmits analog video signals from one camera to a receiver only, not to be viewed by other cameras. Only special authorized monitors are able to display the captured video data of any particular camera. Therefore, the view of other cameras is limited to what the operator chooses.

CCTV Security and Safety

The main aim of CCTV meaning is to provide security and safety for homes and business establishments. It also protect people and property from any harm. It’s a high-tech form of surveillance that uses television cameras to detect the presence of people, animals or else. That comes within its range and send a warning or an alert to a monitoring station or recording site. Any suspicious activity can then be watched and recorded. The recorded data is then stored and sent to the concerned agency or department that handles the particular issue. For instance, if there are too many crimes happening in a certain city. Then the local police department can use the recorded data to effectively increase their manpower and ability to tackle crime. Read Best CCTV Camera.

High risk areas

There are a lot of things and departments that make use of CCTV meaning or closed-circuit television system. In fact, there are different types of cameras that are used for different purposes. For instance, there are some cameras that are usually used for security purposes in high risk areas. Like banks and other financial institutions, malls, government buildings and so on. On the other hand, there are floor cameras that are mostly installed in public places. Such as inside restaurants, shopping centers, hotels, motels or else .These kinds of cameras are very easy to install. And are mostly used in residential areas and commercial buildings. That monitor tenants and employees and make sure that they are performing appropriately.

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