Types of Microwave oven

Microwave is not so standard in India. But Now, Trend is changing very fast. Everyone needs a new and modern microwave Oven.

Moreover, Top brands which manufacture the best Microwave are IFB, LG, SAMSUNG, and other brands.

Various factors involved in choosing the best Microwave open.

-Types of Microwave

-Price Ranges

Types of Microwave.

Solo– Solo Oven is entry-level for simple cooking or with a limited kitchen. It has one magneto which produces Microwaves. Compatible Price is cheaper as compared with Grill or convection oven. Purpose of reheating the food.

Grill- It includes additional grill functions. The Microwave and Grill can work simultaneously to make good grill food within minutes. Price is a little expensive as compared to Solo. Used for Reheating, Grilling and defrosting the food.

Convection- The Microwave has a fan which circulates heatwaves efficiently so that food can be cooked, grilled and baked. Convection is the best and most advance Microwave Oven. Used for all types all products like making tea, snakes, Cakes, Grill meat, Roast chicken and much more.

Details Features

Food to prepare Solo Grill Convection

Reheat Food Yes Yes Yes

Defrosting Yes Yes Yes

PopCorn Yes NO NO

Rice Yes Yes Yes

Noodles Yes Yes Yes

Pasta Yes Yes Yes

Milk Yes Yes Yes

tea Yes Yes Yes

Coffee Yes Yes Yes

Pizza NO Yes Yes

Toasting No Yes Yes

Grilled Food NO Yes Yes

Brownies NO Yes Yes

Cakes NO NO Yes

Bread NO NO Yes

Food Items

Capacity varies from family size and need.

Small family size like 2 or 3 members. Best capacity for Microwave up to 20 L.

If You are looking for best Microwave for Medium family. (like 3 or 4)members. Best capacity for Microwave up to 20 L.

Large family size like 5 or 6 members. Best capacity for Microwave up to 20 L.

Ideal Size

Family size Capacity

2 to 3 Members Upto 20 L

3 to 4 Members 20 to 25 L

4 to 6 Members 25 to 30 L


In conclusion – Important Points need to know while using the oven and Safety Guide for all types.

Convection Microwave Oven is Best In the Market.

Do not operate the Oven while empty.

Use Microwave pods only like glass, plastic, paper. 

Do not use metallic Cookware.

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