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Are you looking to buy the Best power bank under 2000 in India in 2021? ,

We will explain all the latest techniques and methods to Buy the power bank. We researched more than 50 power banks in India. Choose the top 5 Best power bank under 2000 in India 2021. Our motto is to provide the right quality products and the Latest reviews. Always Choose the Best Power bank capacity depends upon your need and requirement. 10000mAH is best suited for reasonable requirements. However, If you have long travelled and charge mobiles, headphones, Other gadgets regularly. Then Choose a 20000mAH power bank.

Top best Power bank brands in India are – Mi, Oneplus, URBN, Redmi.

S.noTop 5 Best power bank under 2000 in India 2021
1Mi Power Bank 3i 20000mAh 18W Fast PD Charging
2OnePlus 10000 mAh Power Bank
3URBN 20000 mAh 18W Super Fast Charging Power Bank with 18W
4Mi Pocket Power Bank Pro Black 10000mAh 22.5W Ultra-Fast Charging
5Redmi 20000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank

1.Mi Power Bank 3i 20000mAh 18W Fast PD Charging

Best power bank under 2000 in India

The Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 3i is quite the right product that makes the Best power bank under 2000 in India 2021. However, there are also a lot of benefits that you must consider before buying it.

One of the most significant advantages of this power bank is that it has a very long-lasting battery. It will last for a very long time, and you can use it for a long time. However, some consumers complained that it does not work for some people, especially if they do not know how to properly charge the battery. Most of the consumers who bought this power bank were already used to charging batteries, and they had no problems using it. So if you want to get a power bank that will give you a lot of advantages, then this is the right product for you.

The power bank is that it has a very short runtime. In fact, the average time that you can use this power bank will be only about a week or even a month. Another thing that people complain about this power bank is that the charging cable is tight. It is difficult to unplug the power bank and plug it back into your laptop/computer.


-18 W Fast Charging

-Three USB Output Port

-Not so Expensive


-6-month Warranty.

Also, If you are looking for Large storage Capacity Power bank Use MI 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i, our first preference is to Choose a 10000mAH power bank in India, because It can Charge Your phone three times. Still, you have long travelled, So you can choose MI 20000mAH power bank.

  Highlight Features

Other Features
OutputDouble Output  9V/2A, 18W Fast Charging
BodyMetal frame
weight278 grams
Warranty6 month
Time TO ChargeAppx. 4.5 HR to 6 HR
Product dimensions14.6x74x1.5 Cm

2.OnePlus 10000 mAh Power Bank

Best power bank under 2000 in India

One thing that I choose about the Oneplus is its high mAH of long-lasting battery. One of the best Power banks Under 2000 in India is 2021. This is something that most other android devices don’t come close to. I can go about with a full day of heavy applications and play games without worry. But despite this amazing feature of the One Plus, it is also not something that is cheap.

On the surface, the One Plus looks like it has the same design as many other devices in the mid-range category. It has a sleek and smooth design while maintaining basic functionality. I especially love the power button, which can quickly be accessed while I’m in the middle of using a specific application.

One of the unique features of the One Plus is the fast charging feature. The Power bank can quickly charge the battery, which allows me to enjoy the feature without the need to constantly plugin. I find that this feature saves me so much time that I now use the charger as an extra battery.

  Highlight Features

OutputCharge two devices simultaneously
Body Premium build and Attractive design
weight225 grams
Battery Capacity10000 Milliampere Hour (mAh)
ColoursBlack, Green
Warranty1 Year

3.URBN 20000 mAh 18W Super Fast Charging Power Bank with 18W

New and best brand in India

One of the most popular battery-powered devices introduced in the market is the Best URBN 20000 mAh Power Bank under 2000 in India. The best thing about this power bank is that it is very easy to install and also provides high-quality output. There are many advantages associated with the unit and one of them is that it is capable of providing quick charge to the internal battery of your device and can charge the battery to full in just a few minutes. This superfast charge feature enables you to use the device for a longer time, which a result increases the performance of your device.

Intelligent charging system

One of the biggest advantages of the device is that it has a very intelligent charging system. It intelligently adjusts the charging time of the internal battery of your device so that it does not burn out the Li-Ion batteries of your mobile phone or tablet immediately. Even if you use the device for a long period of time, the internal battery of the unit will never be fully charged and will slowly lose its capacity. The smart charging system of the uban 20000 mah power bank allows you to charge the battery up to full capacity and then releases it quickly so that you do not face the problem of short circuits while charging your mobile phone or tablet.

Another big advantage of this type of battery is that it uses a lithium-polymer (Li-Po) technology which is highly durable and long-lasting. This advanced technology of the lithium polymer cell is capable of handling a lot of power and energy.

However, there are some major disadvantages of using this type of battery such as short circuit presence which may cause permanent damage to the circuit board of your device and the high failure rate of this battery due to the inability to hold a heavy charge. The other major disadvantage of using this bank is that it has a low maximum power output and offers a low life cycle, but there is some powerful special features in this power bank such as it works under self-discharge, gives out more current at once, high-temperature resistance and extreme current output.

  Highlight Features

Output2 USB Ports + 1 Type-C 18W Fast Charging Port
Body The slim body along with carbon fibre
weight354 grams
Battery Capacity10000 Milliampere Hour (mAh)
ColoursBlack, White
Warranty1 Year

4.Mi Pocket Power Bank Pro Black 10000mAh 22.5W Ultra Fast Charging

best Potable power bank

This Mi Pocket Power Bank Pro review is awesome and great. Pocket-friendly features make the best portable power bank under 2000 in India. I have had the chance to use this charger from Power Bank itself so I am pretty sure that it will live up to its claims. It comes with two USB ports and an AC adapter slot so you can charge your mobile phone right from your device. The power adapter plugs into the wall for easy charging and the dual input ports let you charge other items like your digital camera, iPod and phone.

One feature that I love about this item is the dual charging capability. I have two gadgets that I use frequently that require a good amount of juice every day such as my cellular phone and Ipad. The Charge Pro plugs in both and charges both at the same time so I don’t have to worry about running out of juice while I’m travelling or working. Another great feature is the low battery indicator which lets you know when your battery is low and you should replace it soon. You can also set a timer on your Mi Pocket Pro for automatically turning off your device when it gets low.

The Mi Pocket Power Bank Pro is definitely a must-have for those who need extra power and portability. If you’re looking for something small and powerful, then definitely get the Mi Pocket Power Bank Pro.

  Highlight Features

Output22.5W Ultra-Fast Charging
Body Super light-weight and Pocket-sized
weight200 grams
Battery Capacity10000 Milliampere Hour (mAh)
ColoursBlack, White
Warranty1 Year

5. Redmi 20000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank

One of best brand in india

The Realme10000mAH Power Bank is a top of the line battery and charge controller combination. In India Realme is a Bestselling battery bank, makes it one of the best Power banks under 2000. This Best power bank India utilizes Panasonic batteries and can help increase your charging speed to up to 200 per cent. This is the result of a patent on two advanced charging systems that save energy as the battery charges and maintains battery life while being charged.

Its proprietary technology helps the system displays the energy remaining before the battery does go flat. As a result, you can use a low-energy mode with more backup to give you maximum charge speed. You can also expect the battery bank to last longer and have fewer defects in its manufacture. Some of the things you should be aware of are the battery will be less exposed to failures when it is paired with the charger. The advantage of this is you know what kind of battery and charger you are using.

The Realme10000mAH Power Bank is an excellent all-around charger and battery bank for most cell phones. It allows you to charge multiple cell phones at the same time or use the battery as the primary power source for just one phone. This gives you a cost-effective option for everyday use and will allow you to have a security sense to use a reputable company. There are many different brands in the Market, but they all work pretty much the same. So we hope this Realme10000mAH Power Bank review helped you make a more informed decision. We look forward to seeing what best the Panasonic battery design will offer.

  Highlight Features

Other Features
OutputDouble Output  5V/3A, 18 W Fast Charging
BodyPolycarbonate frame
weight250 grams
Warranty1 Year
Time TO ChargeAppx 3.4 HR
Product dimensions15.01 x 7.01 x 1.19 Cm
ColorsGrey, Red, Yellow

Buying Guide -Best Power Bank under 20000 in India 2021

The most effective power bank buying guide is the ability to determine what it is you need. If you need a specific amount of energy, you will need to know your requirements. A well-organized list should include your unit, its uses, its features, and specifications.

The amount of wattage of your power bank is supposed to supply will vary. You may need to buy one that can power your entire home or power, only your outlets. There are also power banks available that can power only specific devices. Determine what functions you want before purchasing one.

Determine your output capacity.

Choose the maximum power you would like to get from your power bank for use. It should be enough to meet the demands of all of your electronics or appliances like phones and headphones.

How much power you are comfortable with, and that fits into an acceptable range for your appliances and electronics. Do you use a lot of gadgets such as iPad, iPhones, air pods? Is it cost-effective to buy a functional model or a recreational unit? Each model will have different functionality, durability, which will all play a role in your decision.


Several power bank designs can leak. These units could experience a low-voltage read error or other types of errors that can cause it to operate ineffectively. A quality product will display the actual wattage it has produced.

Problems and repairs. Since a power bank is a device that is usually used by professionals, they should be able to take care of any issues or repairs should they occur.

You should also consider the design and efficiency of the plan. Some units produce enough power for more than one person. Another thing you can look at is the overall size and design.

Design and capacity.

It is essential to think about the size and design of the unit you want. It is typically small and convenient and can fit anywhere easily.

The output of your power bank is a great way to determine how efficient it is. An automatic power bank that produces more than 1,000 watts does not always result in better efficiency. If you want to save money on the power bill, it is essential to make sure your power bank’s output is consistent.

A standard design is usually the best choice because it gives you the most power for the most reliable performance. You should also look at the over-voltage protection and the ripple suppression that help prevent sudden voltage spikes.

Consumer expectations

As a consumer, there are several factors to consider when choosing a power bank. Know your needs and be able to select the most cost-effective option that meets your needs. You should look for good designs, accurate specifications, and, most importantly, an efficient unit that meets your expectations.

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