Best Hepa Air Purifier in India 2021

We used to find the best review by the online buyer and market executive to know the best features, quality, and filtration process. After spending more than 100 hours of research, we found the Top 5 Best HEPA Air purifier In India 2021. And Explaining Best Feature like Pre-filter, Carbonated Filter, HEPA Filter to trap pollutants. Moreover, other features, Wi-Fi enable, remote-controlled, and touch panel features. Choose the best Hepa Air purifier according to your room sizes like Bedroom, Living room and office space

S.NOTop 5 Best HEPA Air purifier in India 2021
1Mi Air Purifier 3 with True HEPA Filter and Smart App Connectivity
2Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier, removes 99.97% airborne pollutants with 4-stage filtration
3Honeywell Air Touch A5 53-Watt Room Air Purifier
4KENT Aura Room Air Purifier 45-Watt with HEPA Technology
5Eureka Forbes Aeroguard AP 700 Air Purifier with H1N1 filter

1.Mi HEPA Filter Air Purifier True India

best air purifier in India

When looking for affordable air purifier for your home Choose Mi Air Purifier 3 with HEPA filter is Best Hepa Air Purifier in India 2021. This type of air cleaner has been proven to provide you and your family with great health benefits and the best part about it is that you do not have to worry about not having a clean and safe place to breath the air in your home.

All you have to do to make sure that you and your family stay healthy is to purchase one of these units today so you can start protecting your family from breathing in any harmful substances.

Electrostatic charge

The way this particular purifier works is by using an electrostatic charge to attach itself to dust particles and other materials that get into the air that you breathe. By doing this, you can ensure that there will be no chance for you or your family to ever be exposed to any harmful substances. In fact, many doctors and medical professionals recommend this type of filter for their patients because of the health benefits they provide. You can look for a Mi Air Purifier 3 with HEPA filter in many places so you will always know where to buy them.

Affordable air purifier

Another good thing about the Mi Air Purifier 3 with HEPA Filter is that the price of these filters is extremely low when compared to other similar products. Therefore, if you want to get your hands on a quality air purifier but you do not want to spend much money, then this might just be the perfect option for you. Also, you will find that they have a long shelf life and you do not have to change the filters often. In fact, you can use your air purifier for up to 6 months before you need to replace them.

In a very short time, MI Brand has created a significance in the Indian market. Suitable for large size room Max area up to 484 Sq. ft.

Mi Air air purifier in India

MI Air Purifier 3 is third generation purifier which Has Filtration efficiency 99.97% For Particles size up to 0.3 microns. This purifier has ultra-clear OLED Display with touch control and app operated features.

Three-layer composite Filtration with a true HEPA filter can prevent your Room from toxic pollutant and can deliver max 380m3/hr.

Compatible to works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

2. Philips Hepa Air purifier

Philips Top Brand in India

Philips Air purifier is one of the Best Hepa Air Purifier in India 2021. Philips is the largest electronics company in the world. Advanced Vista shield intelligent purification automatically senses the air quality and gives pure air to your family. You are looking for a small or medium-size Room having Up to max 333 Sq. ft. Use this in the Bedroom, Office area, Children room.

Top quality air conditioner

The Philips Air Purifier is a top quality air conditioner that can be installed into any room of the home. The unit comes with a user manual and a warranty which are for one years or so depending on the type of Air Purifier you get. The warranty does not cover breakages and repairs but will cover normal wear and tear that may occur over the air purifier’s lifetime.

The basic system that the Philips Air Purifier uses is a series of filters that work together to trap particles in the air. You should always remember that filters only work as well as the air they are placed in. Air that is full of dust mites will clog the filters more quickly than an empty room. Dust mites cannot be seen and smell so it is very important to clean the filters regularly. The filters can be cleaned with the water from a shower or washed with a sponge or cloth.

The air filter is made up of two layers. The first layer is the media and this is where all the bacteria and other impurities are captured. As time passes, the media will become clogged and cannot work as effectively as it did when new. In addition to that, some bacteria and impurities can survive for quite a long time when air passes over it, so you will need to replace the filters often. It is recommended that you change the filters every six months.

Cleaning the filters

You should also be aware that you have to be careful when cleaning the filters. They can be extremely hot. As such, you should not touch them except with the utmost care. Do not leave them in a closed area where they may overheat. The Philips air purifier does not emit any odors so you should not worry about that either. The units are also completely odorless.

This makes the Philips Air Purifier the perfect air cleaner for anyone with a busy lifestyle. It saves time and effort. You don’t have to deal with breathing in all the dirt and dust that come along with dirty air. Since it is odorless, there is no reason to put your health at risk. In fact, this unit makes living healthy a great option.

Having 4 stage purification process 

-Pre-filter – prevent hard pollutant like sand, hair, soil.

-Activated carbon Filter- used to prevent virus bacteria and Remove H1N1 virus

-Two-layer H13 Grade True HEPA Filter – designed to arrest very tiny particles which pass through other filters

And all these processes gives cool, fresh and pure air to your family and children.

3.Honeywell Air Touch A5 53-Watt Room Air Purifier

Honeywell Air Touch A5 53-Watt Room Air Purifier is one of the best Hepa Air Purifier for allergy sufferers in India. It uses a series of filters to keep harmful allergens and particles out of the air you breathe. This unit can improve indoor air quality by more than 40%. There are many models of allergy purifiers that are available in the market today, but only few are efficient enough to remove allergen particles from the air. People suffering from pollen allergy, asthma, hay fever or other respiratory illnesses can breathe easy using this.

Removes harmful pollutants

Honeywell Air Touch A5 removes harmful pollutants like pet dander, pollen, mold, dust mites, smoke, dirt, bacteria, vapors, fumes, smoke, and more. With the use of powerful HEPA filtration system, this air purification system is capable of removing nearly 99% of airborne particles. It can improve indoor air quality and remove harmful gases and odors as well. The built-in activated carbon filter of Honeywell Air Touch A5 effectively removes dust, pollen, mold, and other allergens from the air. It also removes heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and cadmium. In addition, the built-in electrostatic charge purification process of Honeywell Air Touch A5 effectively cleans the electrostatic receivers, which are present on electronic appliances.

This air touch a mobile humidifier is built to work efficiently in humidifying the surrounding air. It has the ability to remove particles that are harmful to your health. With the help of its strong dual Hepa/EDTA filter and durable ABS coating, this humidifier is able to remove harmful chemicals and volatile organic compounds that can cause allergies and health problems.

4.KENT Aura Room Air Purifier 45-Watt with HEPA Technology

During this Time, Pollution level is high level in India. This would be an excellent time to purchase the perfect room Hepa air purifier for your home in India. These are essential for those who have breathing problems, allergies, or just want to lessen the amount of allergens floating around in their home.

There are many benefits to purchasing a room air purifier. One of these is that it is one of the best ways to decrease indoor pollution levels in your home. Another benefit is that it is an inexpensive way to make your home healthier for those with asthma, allergy, or breathing issues.

Most of them use filters similar to what you would use in your home to filter the air inside of your home. These units can easily be used by children, seniors, and those with allergies or breathing issues to stay healthy. Purchasing a room air purifier for your Derby Party will also prove to be the smartest choice you ever made. The air that flows out of your home after the party will not only taste better, but also be cleaner.

5.Eureka Forbes Aeroguard AP 700 Hepa Air Purifier india

If you haven’t read a review of Eureka Forbes Aeroguard Air Purifier, I suggest you do, because they have really made a splash in the air purifying market. There are many reasons for their success but one of the most important is the six-stage process they use to purify the air makes best hepa purifier in India. This is a step more than most systems because it allows them to remove all of the dust and particulates from the air.

This gives you fresher air to breathe and when you leave your house you will not be breathing in any toxic substances. Since this product is so well designed and built, it has become one of the most trusted by consumers in the industry.

The Eureka Forbes Air Purifier line is not only durable but it also has some added features that set it apart from all of the competition. One of the main features is the ion exchange system which works to give you cleaner air by removing the metal build up from your filters.

In the past you would have to replace your filters often to keep your unit clean and working properly. This will ensure that you always get fresh, clean air and don’t have to worry about ever having to replace your filter again.

HEPA filtration for Home

Another great feature is the HEPA filtration that is used to clean the air inside of your home. This was one of the first products to be designed for people with pet allergies but now it is used in almost every model on the market. The reason why HEPA was chosen is because it was proven that this type of filter removes 99% of the harmful gases and particles that are found in the air. Since the unit has been designed to work in conjunction with the ion exchange system it means that you will get clean air in your home at a very high efficiency rating.

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