Best 1.5 ton split ac for home

In India, everyone wants a branded product for the home necessities like large appliances, especially for AC. India consists of summer season at a maximum stretch of six months with ac mostly used for monsoon season. Dual Inverter Ac is one of the best 1.5 ton split ac for home India. LG 1.5 Ton dual inverter is best example of best 1.5 ton split ac for home India 2021. Read, Best Soundbar In India 2021.

Top 7 Best 1.5 ton split ac for home 2021

S.noBest Air Conditioner in India
1LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Split AC 
2Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC
3Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC 
4Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC 
5Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Wide Split AC 
6Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC 
7LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC 

1.LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Split AC home

best-1.5 ton split ac for home
Best AC In India

LG is one of the most reputed brands in India. The LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC is one of the best options that you have on the market for an air conditioning unit. It has all the features that you will need and it comes at a very reasonable price. There are certain things that you will need to take into consideration if you are looking for the best AC unit but if you have a little knowledge about these then you will not have any problems finding the unit that will suit your needs perfectly. There are certain things that you will need to know about these particular air conditioning units so that you can find the best one.

One thing that you will want to make sure of when you are looking for the best AC unit for your home is the fact that it has two settings. One feature that is available on the LG 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC is the dual-function button that allows you to regulate the cool and the heating of the room. If you use your air conditioning for the hot season and then you need to turn the dial to the cool setting so that you are not over heating the rooms in your home, you will be able to save money in the end by adjusting the settings yourself. This is a great feature that you will find on the best ACs for your home because it allows you to control the temperature of the room that you are in and saves you money as well.

Thermostat feature

Another feature that is available with the LG 1.5 ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC is the programmable thermostat. You will be able to find this thermostat on many of the cooling units that you have purchased in the past, but you will be very happy that the thermostat on the inverter has been programmable because this feature allows you to program the thermostat so that you will always be comfortable and not over heating your home. The best ACs for your home, the LG inverter AC, will offer all of these features and more. With all of these features and more, you will definitely want to consider purchasing the best air conditioning system for your home with the LG inverter AC.

Dual-cool superior Technology

This AC model Dual-cool superior Technology keeps your room temperature fresh at extreme at 52 degrees. More beneficial for those areas where the temperature level is so high.

Most important, inverter compressor, which will help you to variables with compressor depends upon adjustment power and heat load. It is more efficient and having the least noise in your Room. It makes sleep comfortable.

Double filtration system- It protects your Room from dust, which will affect your body. Also Saves from various harmful particles.

Capacity size is 1.5 ton, which means specially designed for Cooled Room having Medium size at Max 150 square feet. This type of split AC is not so bad for small rooms, but you can easily use for medium size too.

Energy rating, if we can say this is a five-star rating, that means this type of rating is best in class for daily use. The power consumption required is 835 units ( appx) per year. It will change depending upon your requirement as well.

Refrigerant gas, this AC Uses R32 Gas means more environmentally friendly. It will not affect the ozone depletion potential. That simply means it will not affect global warming.

Other features

Warranty – It has a one-year complete warranty and ten years compressor.

Copper Condenser coil having better cooling efficiency. However, copper condenser coil having less maintenance as compared to the aluminum condenser.

 Filtration system- This ac has a double filtration system which simply means it protects the Room from various harmful particles

Monsoon comfort technology means when you are living in those areas in which the rain comes very frequently. The temperature inside the Cooled room is relaxed. You will get high Cooling effect and save energy too.

This AC has no requirement of stabilizer for using and consists of less wire. No need to spend extra money to buy a stabilizer for this type of AC.

Smart diagnosis means when you want to troubleshoot your AC, you can simply download the app LG smart thing app. It is easily available on the app store, and the Android app. simply diagnose the AC with this app.

2. Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC home

Whirlpool brand AC

Whirlpool is one of the oldest and best Ac Brands in India. It is an American multinational company.

The Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC can be considered as one of the best available options by Indians for their air conditioning needs. The AC system is built sturdily to provide cooling at all times even during extreme weather conditions. It can effectively cool down the temperature inside the building when there is sudden heat or cold in the atmosphere. This single piece of equipment is the finest in its category, and it comes loaded with advanced features.

With the Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC installed in your office, you would be able to experience uninterrupted cooling system even during summers when the temperatures soar up to 50 degrees. Moreover, this single piece of equipment has an integrated MPFI technology with its thermal fusion Capillary cooling design, which ensures fast cooling and instant comfort. The device also comes with a one year warranty from the date of purchase.

The Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC has several energy-efficient features like energy-efficient cooling with auto shutdown timer. Having five insulation panels and a thermal insulation core. It has a built-in, on-demand cooling fan and can function even without power or without electricity backup. It comes with a one year warranty. The Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC contains an energy-efficient cooling fan that improves the temperature even during summer days.

Other Features

Turbo cool Technology- This Technology means you will get the Cooling even if the outside temperature is 55 degrees. It won’t make you feel uncomfortable in the Room.

Cooling Technology- Product equipped with a six sense for cool Technology. It will give you instant and uniform Cooling whenever required. You just switch on the button by using remote  or manually.

Intelligence inverter Technology- It gives you cooling depending upon your requirement. It also depends upon your outside temperature.

Helps you to save electricity and keeps power consumption low. It means you need a regular heat supply while the outside temperature is like 30 degrees or 50 degrees. But in this Technology it will sense the outer side temp power requirement depending upon need. Less compressor will work and save electricity.

Refrigerant gas- Whirlpool Inverter AC using R32 refrigerant gas, which is more environmental friendly. It will not affect the ozone layer depletion. We can use this type of Gas in residential areas.

Capacity- It has a 1.5-ton capacity. You can use this ac in the Bedroom having a size of not more than 150 square feet.

All Above Features

Stabilizer- no stabilizer is required for this Whirlpool AC. Because this is free from the stabilizer, that means no need to spend even a single Rupee for buying a new stabilizer.

The air conditioner has a five-star rating which means Whirlpool air conditioner has less consumption and more power-efficient which is comfortable and affordable at the same time.

Simply we can say more star means more power efficient and less power consumption

Self-diagnosis- You can simply self-diagnose the error or report to the Whirlpool authorized Service Centre. This machine has auto-detect an error that will show you that related error code on this ac.

Sleep function this type of advanced ac has a sleep function that will not distribute your comfort zone while sleeping.

3.Voltas 1.4 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

best-1.5 ton split ac for home

The Voltas 1.4 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC is a great choice for your home or office. This inverter is a great choice for you if you need to run the most demanding electronics such as industrial PC power and heavy duty industrial heaters, yet have a little bit more flexibility with your settings. You will be able to adjust the voltages of many appliances to make sure they don’t overheat or burn out. You can run the unit in true sine wave mode or also in true bipolar mode.

It has an electronic adjustable voltage control that allows you to run the unit at full potential. You can change the setting from full potential to approximately 50 percent of full power with the touch of one button. The inverter also comes with five digital controls, which gives you more flexibility when it comes to running the unit. There is also a monitor screen which shows you important information such as charging status, output voltage, output level, charging current and inverter speed.

If you are looking for the best AC power inverter for your electronics you should consider the Voltas 1.4 Ton 5 Star Inverter Adjustable Split AC because it offers you the best features and the best value for your money. The unit has been designed to give you a high quality and reliable operation right out of the box. The unit has a durable cooling capacity, a high input power capability, a quiet operation, an auto shut off feature and auto protection against overheating. This unit is ideal for your home or office because of its versatility and ease of use.

Voltas all-star Inverter AC Model

Voltas all-star Inverter AC Model is covered by a steady fresh compressor which ensures steady Cooling and good saving. This process will save power consumption. It maintains the Cooled room temperature constant, and it will not make you feel uncomfortable.

Comfortable at 52 degrees Celsius- Voltas 1.5 ton 5-star rating and inverter technology are comfortable, while the outside temperature is 52 degrees.

Inverter Technology- Voltas 5 star inverter Technology reducing power consumption. It maintains the ideal temperature while the compressor is on or off.

Copper condenser coil- The condenser coil is 100% made of copper. This wire is more durable and more efficient Cooling.


Gas used- this 1.5 ton AC is using R32 Gas, which is more environmental friendly. It will not affect ozone depletion. This Gas is widely used for residential area purposes.

Filtration system- It has a multi-phase filtration system. It will remove dust and other harmful particles; this gives you clean air.

Annual Energy consumption- this ac can consume 892 KW hours.

Warranty- It comes with a year warranty on the product, a year warranty on condenser and 5-year warranty on the compressor.

Energy star- AC has the highest energy star 5 stars. Simply, More star means more saving and more power-efficient.

AC is stabilizer free means there is no need for an external stabilizer for this 1.5 ton AC. You don’t need to spend extra money on buying the stabilizer.

Active Dehumidifier- This Technology is Designed for the monsoon area. It senses the in house humidity and controls it. This AC is Beneficial for those areas where monsoon has a higher effect.

4.Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC ( Expensive Product )

Daikin expensive brand

Daikin is a Japanese multinational pure conditioning manufacturing company.

Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split Air Conditioner is the best 1.5 ton split air conditioner that has been introduced in the market by Daikin. It is equipped with advanced electronic circuit which helps to filter the incoming air and also traps the unused air inside for preventing wastage of electricity. It comes with the new improved Triton filter and also has high EGR protection. The product has been manufactured in India and is highly durable and efficient. This product has also been certified environment friendly and gives very good performance even under extreme climatic conditions.

Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split Air Conditioner with the latest technology and advanced techniques can be installed in your home as it does not need any kind of plug and play method for its operation. It has a very good warranty period and comes with very attractive free gifts like manuals, mounting accessories and a remote control. The installation of this AC system is very easy and does not require any kind of drilling or riveting. You can easily connect and disconnect the components of this AC.

It comes with an automatic shutdown feature and allows you to save money on the cooling costs of your home. It has received very good ratings and reviews from the users and it is known for its efficiency. This AC is very good, it can provide power supply for all equipment’s like the TV, air conditioner and central heating. It can be easily installed by yourself without any kind of complicated wiring or cable.

Inverter compressor

This Ac Model comes with the inverter compressor. It Senses compressor speed depending upon the heat load. And the benefit for the inverter compressor is less noisy and energy-efficient.

Optimize the speed of airflow, which gives excellent comfort. Inverter compressor of Split Ac has less power consumption than a window non-inverter Ac.

Capacity- Air conditioning has 1.5 capacities, which means you can easily use this ac for having not more than 150 square feet.

others Features

Energy rating- It has a five-star rating, which means less power consumption than a 2-star rating or 3-star rating.

Annual power consumed is 824 units

The condenser coil of Ac made of copper, which means providing better Cooling and having less maintenance.

Stabilizers are not required.

The Gas used R32 Gas, which is more environmental friendly. It will not affect ozone depletion.

Warranty one year on product, one year on condenser and 10-year on compressors.

New spring compressor technology means for smooth rotation of the compressor. It will decrease the friction and vibration and prevent the leakage of refrigerant gas. While during compression, the main advantage of this process is quick and efficient.

BesidesThe maximum retail Price is ₹55,990, and online Price varies from ₹37999 -₹38,999.

5.Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Split AC

best-1.5 ton split ac for home

Sanyo is also a multinational Japanese company.

Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Wide Split AC is one of the newest and best air conditioner available on the market. The price is very reasonable, which makes it perfect for people who need the air conditioning but can’t afford the commercial ones. The Sanyo AC comes in two modes – a variable and a constant mode. The two modes each have their own fan and distribute air evenly across the room. This unit can be used in any room because it has been designed with thermostat control so that it will work in any room with a heater.

The Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Wide Split AC air conditioning system can cool down a home in no time at all. This one has an energy saving feature and will help to save money on your heating bill if you have one of these cooling systems in your home. This one can be used in any room of your home, including the garage, kitchen and bedroom.

The Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Split AC air conditioning system is designed to be very easy to install. These AC systems come with detailed installation instructions that are easy to follow. These air conditioner models are energy efficient too, which helps you to lower your electric bills while cooling your home. The Sanyo 1.5 Ton Split AC can be installed by a homeowner with little effort.

Duo cool inverter technology

Duo cool inverter technology – This Model has two independent rotors in a compressor, which ensures fast and efficient Cooling. It varies the speed of compressor depending upon heat load. More benefit is energy efficient and low noise.

Condenser coil Of Air conditioner made of 100% copper. Because it has durable and less maintenance. Having made a hundred percent copper, there are less Close corrosion chances.

All Above Features

Capacity is 1.5 ton Split AC home Comfortable for less than 150 square feet in room size.

 Star rating- it has a five-star rating, it means having less power consumption and more energy efficient.

Warranty one year on product, one year on the condenser, and five years on compressors.

This AC uses- R32 Gas, which is environmental friendly and has low global warming. It will not affect ozone depletion.

It has the most advanced filtration system, which will prevent unwanted dust or particles from the outside.

Glacier mode – It allows 35% higher fan speed to deliver instant Cooling when you need it.

Self-diagnostic feature- Error displayed on the screen, which will help you with troubleshooting.

BesidesThe maximum retail Price is ₹45,990, and online Price varies from ₹32999 -₹33,999.

 6. Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC

best-1.5 ton split ac for home

Voltas is an Indian company specializing in preparing air conditioning and cooling Technology. The most important thing for a company is part of Tata enterprises providing air condition. IT services for the world’s most massive tower in the world is known as Burj Khalifa.

This Voltas 1.5-ton split AC is quickly comfortable for 150 square feet area.

Split AC with inverter compressor has more power means affordable. It senses the heat load and saves electricity.


Energy-efficient means you can save good energy or power while using this ac

Warranty- It provides you a year’s warranty on the product and five warranty on the compressor.

 the condenser coil made of Aluminum affordable compared to the Copper AC

Gas use – R32 is environmental friendly. Gas will not affect ozone depletion and no greenhouse effect

It will give you better Cooling while the outside temperature is 50 degrees and for those areas where the outside is very high.

Turbo cooling mode in AC gives to Instant Cooling while the outside temperature is high.

BesidesThe maximum retail Price is ₹56,990, and online Price varies from ₹37,999 -₹38,999.

Check the latest price on Amazon .

Best Air conditioners Below 40,000.

7.LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

best-1.5 ton split ac for home

LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC is one of the best products that you can get for your needs in energy consumption as well as cooling capacity. It has two inverters, one for the hot water and the other for the air conditioning system. The inverters of this unit are of compact size that can be easily placed in your kitchen. The dual inverter design that is present in this unit will help you to get the best performance out of your AC system. The product also comes with a remote control that makes it easier for you to use it.

There are various models and sizes of the inverter-split combination. The product has been built with the best quality so you can be sure that the quality is good enough for it to serve you for a long time. The device has a marine-quality design because the two inverters are placed in such a way that they will not affect the marine life or objects around it.

There are also some additional features like an auto shut off timer, an anti-grime filter, , a marine-proof body, a five-year warranty, a One-year limited warranty, a front LED light, a rear LED light, a front volume control and a nine volt battery. The LG inverter-split AC has a high efficiency model that consumes less than ten percent of the electricity that it consumes while being able to maintain a cooling capacity of more than seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit.

Inverter split AC 5 star rating

The LG inverter-split AC has a 5 star rating , which is one of the highest among all the different inverters in the market. This means that you will find it very easy to operate the unit because it has a very powerful motor. It has a two thousand-hour sealed circuit breaker and it has a five hundred count memory. The inverter has been designed to work with the highest quality of AC voltage. It is very efficient and it consumes a very low amount of electricity when compared to other inverters in the market. You can expect this inverter to last for a long time without having to worry about experiencing any kind of trouble with it.

These compressor sense the outside heat and works. We are talking about the Inverter AC means they have an excellent ability to use the compressor depends upon the heat. It is suitable to save your electricity bill. This Ac is More energy-efficient with less noise pollution

Capacity is 1.5 ton for enough for room size is 150 square feet to 200 square feet.

Energy star:- this LG 1.5 ton AC has a 5-star rating means more the star rating AC has more the power consumption it will for this annual energy consumption for this AC is 835


 Warranty AC has one year warranty on the product and 10-year warranty on the compressor.

The Gas used for this is 32 which is more environmentally friendly, and it will not affect the Ozone definition

Ocean blackfin protects from the dust and chemical present in the environment and protect fin corrosion and UV resistance.

Ocean black protection prevents from rust and more durable for inside and outside

It will extend the life of the air conditioner

this air conditioner is stabilizer free, which means directly save your electricity bill, but on few factors like the power fluctuations are beyond 120v to 290V, then stabilizer is required.

Smart Diagnostic operation The Other notified on the AC screen, which will help you find the nearest service center and make the AC very soon.

A most and essential feature of this AC is 4 in 1 convertible feature which means requirement you need

And it has a low noise level, and it worked financially, and it will not respect the comfort of the person Ch38 error means low Gas and services required.

BesidesThe maximum retail Price is ₹63,990, and online Price varies from ₹42,999 -₹43,999.

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